2020-2021 Financial Reports

Prepared 7/27/2021 by Aaron Hendricks and Father Ed Anderson

Dear People,

Let us give thanks to God for His great generosity to all of us in this cluster and school. Through a difficult time, He has filled us with the Holy Spirit and encourages us to persevere. We are moving forward with many plans. As a cluster we have just celebrated Picnic & Praise. What a great event to bring us all back together. Religious Education programs will be starting soon; registration is available online now.  September 1st, St Joseph Catholic School will begin with all the first day of school excitement. Advent Adoration, December 8, will be an evening of prayer and reflection featuring national speaker Mary Bielski. Another exciting aspect of this coming year is that each church has plans for renovating and upgrading various features. These plans will be announced at the proper time. Overall, it is a good time to be Catholic and a good time to belong to this cluster.

Below you will find the full copies of each financial report from each of our four parishes and a specific financial update from our four-parish school, St. Joseph Catholic School

Thank you for your involvement and commitment.

~ Father Ed


Parish Reports:
Holy Trinity (Haugen)

St. Joseph Catholic Church & School (Rice Lake)

Our Lady of  Lourdes (Dobie)

St. John the Evangelist (Birchwood)


School Report:
St. Joseph Catholic School