Sacrament of Confirmation

The gift of faith is one of the strongest sources to living a happy and wholesome life. Four Parishes One Faith strives to prepare it’s youth for full membership in the Church and in the world. This requires a thorough study of our beliefs, traditions, and practices, so our students will be capable of sharing their faith. Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation into the Catholic faith.

The celebration of the sacrament takes place in the spring.

Please contact the Religious Education office at (715) 736-3104 for more information.

Each candidate must have a real freedom to accept or reject the reception of Confirmation at this time in their lives; it should be a personal choice based on an informed decision. Confirmation IS NOT a graduation from faith formation. A confirmed Catholic has an active and genuine interest in knowing, living, and sharing their Catholic faith throughout his/her life.

Steps to complete Confirmation

Steps to complete Confirmation:

  1. REGISTER and attend the YDisciple program
  2. Complete the Confirmation Sacramentary Form
  3. Choose a Confirmation Sponsor
  4. Choose a Confirmation Saint
  5. Attend the Confirmation Retreat
  6. It is suggested that each student perform a minimum of 25 service hours (preferably with their sponsor) in preparation for Confirmation.
  7. Write a Letter to the Bishop and meet with a priest to finalize your readiness for Confirmation