Sacrament of Confirmation

The sacrament is offered in the fall of each year to our cluster grade twelve students. Preparation for the reception of the sacrament begins with our grade nine, ten and eleven curriculum and is completed in the fall of the year the students receive the sacrament. Please contact the cluster religious education office at (715) 736-3105 for more info.

The gift of faith is one of the strongest sources to living a happy and wholesome life. Four Parishes/One Faith strives to prepare it’s youth for full membership in the Church and in the world. This requires a thorough study of our beliefs, traditions, and practices, so our students will be capable of sharing their faith. Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation into the Catholic faith. The celebration of the sacrament takes place in the fall of the senior year. The Diocesan and parish requirements for the reception of Confirmation include:

  1. Regular attendance at confirmation classes and the completion of all out-of-class assignments.
  2. Attendance at a religious retreat.
  3. The completion of 25 hours of volunteer service to the parish and/or community; students may begin accumulating service hours in ninth grade. Volunteer hours are divided between liturgical(10 hrs), parish(10 hrs) and community services(5 hrs).
  4. A letter by the student, to the Bishop, asking to be confirmed.
  5. An interview with the pastor or associate pastor.

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