Sacrament of Baptism

Parishioners anticipating the birth of a child are asked to contact the parish office no less than three months prior to when they would like their child baptized. Attention a baptism class is a requirement. Typically the sessions are 1.5 hours and are held in the Community Cup room in the lower level of St. Joseph Church.

To learn more about an upcoming session, contact Shannon at the Cluster Office, 715-234-2032.

Baptism is the sacramental foundation of the Christian life. A person lives in Christ by living as a member of His Body, the Church. What we see, hear, and do in this sacrament is an outward expression of God’s unseen works. Baptism brings a person into membership through initiation into the mystery of faith among the people of God.

All parents seeking baptism for their child need to be registered as members at one of our cluster parishes, or they must obtain a letter of permission from their pastor before the baptism if they are registered members of a different parish outside of our cluster. At least one of the Godparents must be a practicing Catholic who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Infants can be baptized only when there is reasonable assurance that the parents will raise the child as Catholic, knowing and living the faith.

As the Rite of Baptism states: Parents, you are the first teachers of your child in the ways of faith. May you also be the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what you say and do. This witness includes weekly worship, daily prayer, parish membership, living according to Christian morality and the conscious love of God and neighbor. There is no substitute for your faith, example, or teaching.

Ascension Press Baptism video