Fr. Joseph Kumar

Father Joseph Kumar Mayakuntla was born in India and grew up in a multi-generational Catholic family. His mother is a very devoted Catholic and has a very special devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary which has impacted his faith throughout his life. He is the oldest of two brothers.

At the age of 14, Fr. Kumar was able to hear from priests who visited his Catholic School. He, very early, was inspired by the testimonies shared by those priests and began discerning the priesthood while in grade school. At that time, he was offered the opportunity to work at a local Catholic parish. This was the start of God working in his life and this encouraged him to enter the seminary at the age of 15. Fr. Kumar attended the seminary for 11 years and was ordained in the Diocese of Guntur (India) on April 11, 2011.

Following ordination, Father Kumar served in the Diocese for five years and then was given the opportunity to come to the Diocese of Superior. This is now his 6th year serving in the Superior Diocese. He has served Our Lady of the Lake (Ashland) and Holy Family (Bayfield). After having some issues with his visa he was forced to return to India for 10 months and then, God willing, was able to come back to the Dioceses of Superior where he served most recently at St. Ann in Somerset.

Father Kumar loves sports; Especially soccer, ping pong, and bags. Fun Fact: He entered a bean bag tournament in Somerset and won!

Father Kumar loves serving and administering the sacraments, especially as a missionary priest. This is now his 13th year as a priest. The Gospels have always inspired him from a young age. His favorite bible verse is Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few”. 


Phone #: 715-736-3108

Parochial Vicar (Associate Pastor)