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Peace Be with You

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Peace Be with You

Jesus quietly assured His disciples when they see Him after the resurrection by saying, “Peace be with you.” I can understand the shock of seeing Jesus after the resurrection. You would be excited but also apprehensive. Is Jesus seeking revenge because I ran away?

Peace be with you. There are other issues to consider. The religious leaders and Roman soldiers are seeking to find the followers of Jesus. Would the disciples be put to the same death as Jesus experienced? Who could they trust? Their emotions would have been overloaded. Anxiety, grief, fearful, lost, and now amazement that Jesus is standing in front of them. How could they be at peace?

Perhaps the peace Jesus offers is different than what we expect. Jesus is not suggesting a peace between two warring countries. He is not offering peace described by the phrase ‘peace and quiet’. No, the peace Jesus offers is a peace that comes from knowing and loving and trusting in the Lord.

A peace that we experience internally even when total chaos is surrounding us. That is true peace. Placing the noise and chaos at the feet of Jesus, we continue to focus on the Lord as we quietly manage everything around us. As life happens today be conscious of how the Holy Spirit guides you through the noise and chaos.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen