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Why So Hard to Believe?

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Why So Hard to Believe?

Why is it so hard to believe in Jesus, the one sent by God? The Jewish leaders just refuse to even consider the possibility that Jesus might just be who He says He is. I imagine that would upset their world and their livelihood. After all, God is not a physical presence to them but some far being they don’t understand.

Picture the trial of Stephen. All those old men trying to find a reason to kill Stephen. As each of their efforts fail, they become more stone faced and flushed. Just before they have a stroke, they solicit men, more evil than they, to come forward and make false accusations. Evil begets evil, sin continues to grow. Except for Stephen. He becomes more angelic. Of course, Sadducees do not believe in angels.

I have often compared sin to a downward spiral. When we sin, our sins begin to compound, grow, and drag us ever downward. It might start out as a little white lie. And we chastise ourselves for doing that. And now we are not in a great mood, and we may lash out at someone we love or work with. They didn’t deserve that. And we judge ourselves in a negative fashion. Heaven pity the next person that falls prey to our anger and frustration. We will probably stone them with our words.

The only way to stop the downward spiral is allow the wind of the spirit of humility to break the spiral, to stop the downward descent. When we sin, immediately ask God for forgiveness. Don’t let even the smallest sins drag you. Then pick yourself up, dust off, and try again. Jesus is there to shepherd us back to His flock, to take you in, and offer forgiveness. Its hard to believe if we don’t believe in Jesus.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen