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Sweet and Sour

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Sweet and Sour

With Asian food there is a type of flavor known as sweet and sour. There are many different and some very complex recipes to achieve the right sweet and sour flavor. Here is a secret, when you forgot to get the seasonings mix or buy a bottle of sweet and sour liquid all you need is equal parts of catsup and grape jelly. Honestly, it is surprising, good! And most people will never know your secret ingredients.

I offer this example because in the first reading John is told to eat the small scroll. It will taste sweet in the mouth but will sour in the stomach. To make sure people understand, he admits that it tasted sweet in his mouth but turned sour in his stomach.

There are many things we do in life that at the beginning are sweet and we are happy to do them. But after a while, things go sour. Discovering Jesus is something like that.

At first it is a sweet experience to come to know Jesus. Even to study the scriptures and dive deep into theology. But then comes the part where we have to make a decision. It is more than just having a relationship with Jesus. It is more than just studying.

Now there is a time that we must apply what we know. We need to share with others. And for many people they sort of sour on this whole idea. Why can’t I just be friends with Jesus, I felt so happy.

But once you know Jesus you discover he will take over your heart and the Holy Spirit will excite you and compel you to go out and share the gospel message. Just keeping Jesus to yourself will quickly turn sour. Sharing is always sweeter.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen