Krystal Montgomery

Krystal Montgomery is the Director of Religious Education for the Four Parishes, One Faith Catholic Community. Krystal and her husband Greg have seven children and they have been married for 16 years. Their children are Peter (15), John (13), Genevieve (11), Andrew (9), Oliver (7), Caroline (5), and Nora (3). Krystal grew up in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and met her husband Greg at an engineering and consulting company they both worked for. When her husband took a job at a different company their family was transferred up north and ended up in Cumberland. Their family has resided in Cumberland for almost 8 years and they couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than up north.

Their kids keep both Krystal and Greg very busy with all of their hobbies and activities. When Krystal has a free moment, she loves to shop. They also enjoy camping and traveling as a family. Krystal shares, “the atmosphere here is so alive and joyful… it is an absolute blessing to be amongst so many vibrant people!”

To connect with Krystal you can call her at 715-736-3104 or email at

Phone #: 715-736-3104

Director of Religious Education