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Saints James and Philip

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Saints James and Philip

It is good to know a little about the saints, particularly the apostles. Having said that, we know truly little about James. This is the second apostle named James. The first apostle named James was one of the Sons of Thunder, of Zebedee. The first James has the distinction of being the Greater as today’s James is known as the Lesser to keep them separate. Not exactly a very nice description. Maybe it’s like being known as a junior?

Philip, we do know came from the same town as Simon and Andrew. Jesus called Philip who in turn brought to Him Nathaniel. Jesus did ask Philip where shall we get enough food to feed all these people. Philip replied two hundred days wages would not be enough. Another time Jesus has just proclaimed if you see [Jesus] you see the Father. Philip responds just show us the Father so we can believe. I have often wondered how frustrated Jesus must have been at times.

Philip is a Greek name. There were some Greeks who came to Philip asking to see Jesus. Philip went to Andrew who took him to Jesus. Now this next step is important. There is nothing said whether they got to see Jesus, but it caused Jesus to exclaim now has my hour come. Prophecy was that the Messiah was to come for all people. Gentiles making the effort to find Jesus answers that prophecy. Jesus realizes that and everything is now set in motion for His Passion.

The apostles are just like us. Trying to understand Jesus. Trying to understand His message to love one another. It takes us time to figure things out. It is important to note, all the apostles except John abandoned Jesus on the cross. But they all had a bond of love with Him. They came back. We try. When we succeed give thanks to God. When we fall, come back. We have that same bond of love with Jesus.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen