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The Presentation of Mary

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The Presentation of Mary

This day is an obligatory feast day for the Blessed Virgin Mary. In their tradition, after the first eight days of birth, the child is taken to the temple and offered to God.

We celebrate the Presentation of the Lord on February 2, also known as Candlemas Day, where we bless the candles to be used in liturgical events throughout the year. In the second chapter of Luke, we read about the presentation of the Jesus. Interestingly, there is no mention in the Bible of Mary’s presentation. As we know all children were presented to God, we can safely assume Mary was, too. How, then, did this feast come to be in our liturgical calendar?

Traditionally this memorial originated from the Book of James, known as an apocryphal source, meaning this source is to be understood as being somewhat dubious in its content. As it is from the second century, we have no real way to validate its content. The basilica of St Mary the New in Jerusalem was dedicated on November 21, in the year 543.

Although we know Mary to be conceived without original sin, it is good to note she lived a simple religious life with her family, involved with Temple worship. It is good to know that her Yes to God was from the very beginning of her life.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen