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Storing Up Treasure

During this time of COVID people have remarked that staying home has been saving them some money. Perhaps, but then again other items cost more. Some people have lost their jobs. Still others put on reduced hours. What it means for all of us is that in some way we have had to learn to budget and plan to use our resources in ever more practical and efficient ways. As creatures of habit this has not been easy. And not being able to visit or socialize with others is in itself depressing. BV (before virus), we liked to complain and then say no one was listening. Now that we are in virus we discovered no one is around to not listen and we do not feel any better listening to ourselves complain. Ouch!

What to do? Just what the gospel says today. Build up treasure in heaven. It does not take much. We can attend mass. Visit the Blessed Sacrament. Offer prayers. And we do not have to build up treasure in heaven just for ourselves. We all have loved ones. I would suggest we think about building up treasure in heaven for our spouse, our children, and so on. We can even build up treasure for our loved ones who have died. They need our prayers.

There is no greater gift than to give of yourself.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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