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Holy Week & Triduum 2023

Join us at each of our Four-Parishes to experience the Triduum – a three-day-long Mass, and dramatic reenactment of Jesus’ last days. 
What is Holy Week?: Holy Week is the commemoration of Christ’s Passion, beginning with his entrance into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). Within Holy Week, we celebrate the Triduum. 
What is the Triduum? We assume that Thursday commemorates the day Jesus instituted the eucharist; Friday commemorates the day he was executed on the cross, and the vigil commemorates his emergence from the tomb. We assume, further, that the liturgies of these three days are dramatic “reenactments” of events – by turns touching, tragic and triumphant – which happened during Jesus’ last days and culminated in his victory over death. 

Palm Sunday | April 2

8:30 am – Holy Trinity (Haugen)
9:00 am | 1:00 pm espanol | 5:30 pm – St. Joseph (Rice Lake)
10:00 am | Our Lady of Lourdes (Dobie)
11:00 am | St. John the Evangelist (Birchwood)

Holy Thursday | April 6

7:00 pm – St. John the Evangelist (Birchwood)
7:00 pm – St. Joseph (Rice Lake)

Good Friday | April 7

12:00 pm – St. Joseph (Rice Lake)
3:00 pm – St. Joseph (Rice Lake)
7:00 pm – Holy Trinity (Haugen)

Easter Vigil | April 8

8:30 pm – Our Lady of Lourdes (Dobie)
8:30 pm – St. Joseph (Rice Lake)