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Our Community

The Babylonian king has conquered Israel. He has taken all the leaders, taken the artisans, artists, anyone with an education and forced them to move to Babylon, hundreds of miles to the east. He appointed a young man as a puppet leader for the people who are left behind. The people who remained in Israel did not know how to grow crops or organize their community to help others. They had no one to repair buildings or make things for themselves.

We are blessed in America. We have so many people in our community who provide us with many different services. We can be grateful for all the medical staff and the people who support the medical staff. We can be grateful for all the social services available to so many people. We can be grateful for those who bring us food or prepare food for us. We can be grateful for the many farmers who grow crops and animals to feed us. They provide many jobs. We can be grateful for all the people who transport our food from one place to another. We must admit that we have abundance. We can be grateful for our churches that keep us focused on God. We should always be grateful for our teachers, whether they be our parents or school teachers or good people in our lives, who help us learn what moral action we should do. We can be grateful for our government leaders. The list can go on.

During the lockdown we learned what essential businesses were. All of us were somehow deprived of many things. But even when we were deprived, we discovered that we could easily still survive. I pray for all the families who lost jobs and had no income.

Jesus simply does not want us to hear the Word of God and then share it with others. He wants us to be people of action. Putting our faith into action. Helping where we can. Comforting those in need. Loving the homeless. Feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. We are called to be people of action.

May the Lord bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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