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We Can Do Better

Jezebel organizes a plan to falsely accuse Naboth. Naboth is taken to court, falsely convicted, and stoned to death. An innocent man put to death because King Ahab wanted Naboth’s land for a vegetable garden. Raises the question: What is the price of a life? But there is so much more to consider. Especially considering the issues in today’s world. We hear on the media accusations. And it is impossible to really determine who is telling the truth. Too many times the truth is twisted to fit the desires of an individual or a group. People are hurt. Property destroyed. Lies are promulgated.

Justice is also a community effort. Who were these elders and nobles of the city? Obviously, they were not thinking of justice for the poor or marginalized but granted a decision the King wanted. And we should not just consider the elders and nobles. What about the people of the city? Where are they in this story. No one spoke up. No one issued a complaint. Were they really that indifferent to a neighbor?

The challenge for us is – has there ever been a time where we witnessed an injustice and we did not speak up? We did not stop an injury to someone else. I think it happens to all people. It catches us by surprise and we just cannot react in time. We have doubts. We have fears. And our reaction being no action at all. I think of these times as learning. They nag our consciences. We wonder why we did not step in. Did not help. I do believe God is preparing us for some future event where we will not hesitate. Our courage will take over and we will prevent an injury. We will find our voice and proclaim this is not fair. We can do better. There is a time God will call upon us for a specific purpose. Trusting in God we will know what to do at the right time. So, learn from what did not happen before so that we are ready to act when God calls upon us.

May the Lord bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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