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Walking In Christ

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Walking In Christ

Walking In Christ, should it not be walking with Christ? We use the word ‘with’ in many ways. We walk with each other, talk with each other, live with each other. With implies side by side, together we have a common goal. But this is not the way it is with Jesus. There is no way any one of us could say we are with Christ. Rather, He is with us. We add nothing to Jesus, nor do we take anything away from Jesus. Jesus is both human and divine.

The reading starts out that we are to walk in Christ. This means turning everything over to Jesus. Our possessions, our will, holding nothing back. Can we do that? Think of heaven for a moment. When we die our soul will be taken up to God to be in Him. If we are in God, and God chose to walk, we would automatically walk with Him and in Him. And to take this analogy just a little farther, does not God work through us all the time.

Where have you heard those prepositions before? At the end of the Eucharistic Prayer the priest says, “With Him, and In Him, and Through Him . . .” Our focus needs to be on God. We walk in His Son while on earth that we may one day be in God forever.
May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen