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Here are links to our readings for the day:


Today is the first school mass. It will be great to have all the children participating in mass. The first reading has some concepts in it that will interest the youth, maybe you, too. It is another reading where we read through the words but do not always catch the meaning of the words. In this case, the first sentence tells us the Jesus is the image of the invisible God. How can you be the image of something invisible? If it is invisible, how do you know you look like it? That sets the foundation for the next topic.

The Colossians where a group of people who accepted the faith. Having been Jewish, they also had the belief that there are angels. The Christian faith also believes that there are angels. Sometimes we become so intrigued about one aspect of our faith we focus too much on just that one aspect. That is what happened to the Colossians. So, in the next sentence we hear in Jesus all things were created visible and invisible on heaven and earth. It is the phrase “whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers;” – what are thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers?

We know them as classes of angels. Many people accept the term angels. We even know we have a guardian angel. We know of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael. We might even remember the words seraphim and cherubim. These are all classes of angels. But thrones, dominions, principalities, and power are all classes of angels, too. Each class of angel has a specific assignment given by God. Some are to rule the universe, others to minister to people, others to serve God directly. As with the start of school, a fun assignment might be to take your child or grandchild and Google some of these different classes of angels. Have a blessed weekend.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen