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What Is Your Opinion

What is your opinion? We are asked that question many times as the election looms closer, the number of COVID cases increases, you are asked to wear masks, and many things appear to be going wrong. What is your opinion?

In the first reading it is God challenging you. When a virtuous man turns away from God is that God’s fault? Of course not. It is the man choosing to do wrong, to turn away from God. But here is the point of the message. We can turn back to God. No matter what we have done or how grievous our sin, we can turn back to God. Our God is a forgiving and merciful God.

In the second reading what allows us to turn back to God? The same thing Jesus did coming to earth. Humility. He humbled himself. Ever notice when we do something wrong, to be truly sorry for what we did, we must at some point humble ourselves? Take notice here, we did something wrong, committed a sin. We humbly turn back to God. Jesus did nothing wrong, but He humbled Himself. Why? Because He loves us. Think of it this way. Let us say you did something terribly wrong and you ended up in court for the wrong you did. The judge looks at you and says you are to receive the death penalty. You gasp! You do not want to die! And then judge says, “Do not worry, I will die for you.” Say what?! The judge will die for us? This is exactly what Jesus did. He knows we are guilty. We know Jesus is the judge. And now He dies for us? How much love is this? How can you ever thank Him for this great generosity? It is beyond belief to hear these words. But then reality sets in. Jesus is going to die for our sins. What kind of love can you offer Him for that? As humans, we cannot. But as sons and daughters of God, Jesus walks with us to tell the Father that He died for us. We are forgiven.

And the gospel today, the son that went to work as his father asked. Did he really do the right thing? I think both sons are rather poor sons by any estimation. They have a lot to learn and a lot of maturing. So, if you said, yes, the son that did the father’s will is better, that is ok. But there is more to this gospel than just recognizing which son did the father’s will. It is the fact that in this gospel, just like in the first and second reading today, you can change. The son changed. You can leave a sinful life and return to a virtuous life. You have an opportunity to worship Jesus knowing He died for our sins. We should offer Him all our love, our life, our everything. Because it is through Jesus Christ that we have eternal life. What will you offer Jesus today?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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