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During the liturgical cycle each year, we celebrate each of the Apostles. Today is the feast day for St. Matthew. When Jesus saw Matthew, Jesus simply called, and Matthew dropped everything and followed Him. Was the response that immediate? Or could Matthew have been listening to this preacher and the spoken words resonated in Matthew’s heart? We do not know. But Matthew knew and responded.

In the Apostolic age, dates were determined by who was king, or which war had just occurred, or by some event such as a flood or earthquake.

We do not know the exact date of Matthew’s gospel. Estimates from year 50 to 75 are given. Matthew is the first of the New Testament books, but we are not sure his was the first to be written. Some scholars think Mark came first. However, we do have a clear understanding of the purpose and focus of Matthew’s gospel. His writing method was to proclaim the traditions of the Jewish faith and then teach new Christians how this foundation carries forward into the new faith. Even today we talk about the Old Testament as a foreshadowing of the New Testament.

One more thought for reflection today: it is often said that the apostles were uneducated and simple men. I do not see that in Matthew. As a tax collector he was given some education. He would have the ability to assess possessions and charge a tax. He knew enough about grain and other food products to charge a tax. He would have kept exact records to prove to the authorities he had taxed people appropriately. He also wrote his gospel. I would think he had an above average education. There is one thought that has always bothered me. Why, if Matthew knew finances, did Judas carry the groups money bag?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen