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But That’s Not Fair!!!

Sometimes we think we are more important than we are. Especially if we think someone else has gotten more than we did. Case in point, today’s gospel. The first workers labored all day, bearing the heat of the sun and more work. They were tired, sweaty, and hungry. Then the landowner makes them wait to get paid. Hey, we were here first. We should get paid first. That is their attitude until they see those who came last being paid the amount the first workers agreed to work for all day. Suddenly their self-worth increased at least ten times. And as they watched everyone get paid the same, I wonder what they were thinking. They were probably getting angry. Because by the time the landowner paid the midday workers, they must have realized they were not going to get the bonus they thought they deserved. And so, they grumble, this is not fair.

There are many things that are not fair. But perhaps we forget, God set it up this way. What do you mean He set it up this way? Is not God fair and just? Of course He is; we just do not know true fairness, true justice, or true mercy. In the gospel, workers that did not work received no pay. In their culture, they truly lived hand to mouth. If they did not bring home any money, they did not bring home any food. Is not justice recognizing that all humans need to eat? Not sharing what you have with less fortunate, is that true justice?

And thinking about pay for work. Do you know that most pro-athletes make in 30 minutes what a Catholic school teacher makes in two years? In our way of thinking that means our pleasure is greater than the education of our children. Can we honestly call this fairness? Perhaps the divine ways of God really are beyond our comprehension. Do you think God will be interested in how many touchdown passes we threw in our life time? In our way of thinking the one that dies with the most toys wins. Do you suppose in heaven they put wings on your jet ski?

There is no sin for being rich. God has never said that. Just that it will be more difficult for the rich to attain heaven. Does that sound fair to you?

If we can lower our self-worth down several notches, don’t we all really need to admit that we are quite well off? Maybe there are a few more wants that we want, but we have for the most part have what we need. Today might be a good day to thank God in all His wisdom for He has given us.

May the Lord bless you in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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