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A Discipler

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A Discipler

A Sower of seed went out . . . Seed was scattered everywhere. Even when not in the good soil seed has a chance to grow and mature. But it needs help such as water, nourishment, sun, and attention.

I know something else that needs water, nourishment, sun, and attention. It is our youth. For just two Wednesday’s a month, one and a half hours each time, we have our youth gather in the basement of the church. The adult leaders are not called Sowers of Seed but disciplers. This is not your old religious education but a way to help our young people develop a relationship with Christ and learn more about the faith, our church, and who they are. It is fun. It is sharing your faith and your life experiences too. We have great young people eager to learn. The program is known as YDisciple. Look it up online. It is based on small group interaction which makes it very dynamic. We are searching for six more men and three more women. You will be given Safe Environment Training and other materials. You are not left out in the dark. At each session a facilitator explains the lesson and precepts we are looking to teach the youth.

Could you volunteer one and a half hour twice a month? The seeds you plant will help so many, and you will find your faith growing too. Please call Leah at the church office: 715-234-2032.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen