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We are all teachers. Some of you have degrees. Many of us have many lived experiences. A student needs teachers from all walks of life. It is fun to watch a little child learn something new. It can be in a classroom situation, but sometimes it happens in the pew of a church. I think most people see little children as squirming and causing a commotion. I have never worried about that. It is just normal.

What I worry about is when I see a little child sitting perfectly still staring at someone. They might be staring at a parent, a sibling, or someone else in the adjacent pews. Whoever it may be is totally unaware that they are teaching this little child some behavior. We learn by observing others and this little child is totally engrossed with what is happening just a few feet away. I pray that whoever the child is watching has their hands folded in prayer and are setting a good example.

People say they never stop learning. Well, I would add to that we never stop teaching. St Paul is explaining to the young people the virtues we need to practice. He is also telling them to stop with all the vices that lead to sin. Jesus moves from town to town to share the gospel message. We are all called to teach those younger than we are and to listen to our elders for further instruction. We never stop learning or teaching.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen