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Are You Testing God?

From the moment we are young, we test God. When we were young, we may have prayed, “God if you really love me, give me what I want.” When we don’t get what we pray for, we are disappointed and may begin to lose faith in God. As we age, we test God in more refined ways. We learn prayers and rosaries. And we pray and expect that everything will be great as long as we say our prayers. But when trouble comes, once again we doubt God. We test God by telling ourselves, “I am saying all these prayers. God will protect me.” Testing God is not a good thing.

Elijah tested God. Before today’s readings, Elijah complained to God that King Ahab was trying to kill him and that he was the only real Israelite left. God told Elijah to go to Mount Horeb and that God would appear to him. Elijah imagined that God would appear in the earthquake, or in the fire, or in the wind. Elijah was surprised that God came in a whisper. We test God when we think we know how God will come to us. And it surprises us when we find God in the calm and tranquility of life, a simple whisper.

The boat in today’s gospel is a symbol of the church. Look at the church we’re sitting in right now. If we had to turn the church upside down, it would look like a big boat. Our church is often tossed about in the waves of dissent. Angry people try to tell the church it has to be more modern. Their voices are like the wind that buffets the church. There are people who condemn the church. They strike at the church like the lightning that hits the ground. There are many storms attacking the church. All these people don’t realize they’re attacking God. They’re testing God.

Listen to Peter. He is also challenging God. He says, “Lord, if it is you, ask me to come to you by the water.” Peter says, “If it is you. . .” Peter still doesn’t fully believe. If he believed, he would have left the boat without asking. But this would be false thinking too, wouldn’t it?

So if Peter really believed that Jesus was walking on the water toward him, what should Peter have done? He should have stayed on the boat. It is one thing to test God, but another to believe so firmly that it is not necessary to test God. Put your faith totally in God and you will be able to trust him. The moment you start to doubt, know that you are putting yourself in a position where you are testing God. The outcome will not be good. Even in the most difficult moments of our lives, trust in God. He will grant you a peace and calm, just as Jesus calmed the storm around the disciples. The most appropriate response to God is to learn to accept His Will. Let His Will become yours.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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