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Rebellion and Forgiveness

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Rebellion and Forgiveness

Just a remarkable story regarding the Hebrew people. God favors this people. He wants to give them a special gift. A place to live flowing with milk and honey. God wants to protect them. Without any help from the Hebrew people, He has defeated the Egyptians. God has freed His people from Pharaoh, and if the people agree to follow the Lord, He will redeem them from their sins. Does it happen?

This chapter from Numbers gives us the foundation of what happens for the next forty years. God offers, the people reject. God forgives, the people agree to follow the Lord. God offers, the people reject. God grows angry. But does not destroy His people. He allows them to turn away but invites them back. When they turn away, they pay the price for their stubbornness. When they turn towards God, He offers them even more if they would just accept Him as their God.

Who is the person to accept God in the gospel? The Canaanite woman. A descendant of the people who populated the Promised Land before the Israelites entered. Could she be a favored person, too? The chosen people of God, the disciples try to send her away. But she persists. Can she see God for who He is? Jesus’ ministry now opens to all people of all nations. St. Paul recognizes this and takes the message of love and forgiveness to the Gentiles. We become the chosen people.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen