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Brothers & Sisters

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Brothers & Sisters

Aaron and Miriam, a brother and sister of Moses, are suffering from a little sibling rivalry. Is it only Moses that God speaks to and through? The Bible does not tell us of anything that God said directly to Aaron or Miriam. Do they think by pointing out character flaws of Moses that God will now speak to them? Is not this way of thinking just like brothers and sisters? Or as a comedy group included in their routine, “Mom always liked you best!”

In teaching children how to prepare for confession one of the possible sins to consider is how do you treat your brothers and sisters. For more than three thousand years we have been suffering from this sin. And we still need to ask ourselves today, no matter how old you are, how do I treat my brothers and sisters.

God was angry with Aaron and Miriam. Miriam suffered the brunt of God’s anger. He made her a snow-white leper. Both Aaron and Moses cried out to God. Please, not this! If you are fortunate to have brothers and sisters, pray for them today. If not, pray for your cousins and other members of your families. Offer your prayers to ease whatever sufferings they may be enduring.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen