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The Challenge

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The Challenge

Moses’ challenge is genuine. We are instructed to follow God’s commandments. We are not to add or subtract additional commandments. That makes sense because if we try to add to them, we would be adding man made rules. If we try to subtract from them, we are thinking we are better than God and we do not want to be in that position. In the second reading we learn that having God’s commandments our life will reflect our love for God by the deeds we do. Our acts of kindness, charity, and living a life focused on God will be seen by others. Then they will also want to live as we do.

The gospel warns about being hypocritical. We can only see a person from the outside. God can see their hearts. If a person lives their life focused on God, you may not be able to see their heart but you will know them by the love they have for others. The hypocrite may appear to be concerned about others but in their heart, they only see themselves. They may do little acts of charity to be noticed but these acts of charity are always to benefit themselves.

Jesus lists the evils that can come from our hearts. Perhaps there have been times we have committed these sins, too. We must be careful to be honest with ourselves. Too often we want to blame others for our sins. Or we blame our parents. Or we might blame our culture. Look within your heart. Who or what do you blame for your sins? Truthfully, we can only blame ourselves, being able to convict ourselves justly is moving to a change of heart. We can ask for forgiveness and begin again. Each beginning we pray for God’s grace to live His commandments and become the person God desires us to be.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen