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Love or Not

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Love Or Not

The parable of the talents has been discussed many times. The one with five talents goes out, works, and makes five more. The one with two does the same thing making two more talents. But the person with one talent, knowing the master is a demanding person, and out of fear, buried his talent and gave it back. This poor individual is chastised and then thrown out into the darkness. Seems like a harsh punishment, does it not?

Keeping in mind that all parables are not about us. They are to tell us more about God for parables are about God. So, look at this parable from this point of view. We know the master is the symbol for God. Now consider that we know God to be a loving yet just God. We also know God loves us and offers us forgiveness, so He is also a merciful God. But even when forgiven we also know that retribution for our sins must be done as well.

With this as our basis, then the person with five talents and the one with two talents sought to increase the talents they have because they knew God loved them. God gave them those talents and He wants those individuals to use them and to make the most of them, not out of fear but because they love God and desire to want to please Him. We all want to please God. Especially knowing all that He has given us. If we accept our God as a loving God, we will do all we can for Him.

Now it might be easier to understand the person with one talent. He was fearful of the master. Fear is not a motivator. He buries his talent. He does not even attempt to do better and so does nothing. That is not what God has asked of us. We are to go out and share the gospel. Each of us has that talent, that ability. Live your faith today.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen