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Be Prepared

In a few days, we will be starting school. If there ever was a plan, it is summed in those two words: Be prepared! And the challenge, as we have discovered, is how do you prepare for a moving target. A target that is difficult to define. We really start to understand the diversity of opinions. Should we wear masks, or not? Do you wear masks inside, but not outside? Do you have the children move from classroom to classroom, or keep them in one room? And when you do research as to what the specialists recommend, you quickly discover there is a specialist who will tell you what you think is right. Because the specialists cannot agree. Be prepared for things to change.

As difficult as it might be, this is a time to seek out peace and remain calm. Having contingency plans for any imaginable situation is not helpful and can cause more distress and anxiety. Rather, acknowledging there are potential situations, but also knowing we have the talents and skills to address various challenges that come our way, promotes a sense of calmness and peace. Our emotions are in check and we are not just running wildly about. In other words, right from the gospel, stay alert.

The best way to be alert is to stay focused in prayer. Knowing that God is in control and will guide you with the Holy Spirit is a great comfort and a wonderful grace God grants to all of us. We are not left alone. He is with us. Then, rather than planning for what could go wrong, we focus on planning for success, what will work. This is a huge difference in planning methods. We want the best for our children, then what is the best way to provide the education they need this year? It is an education focused first on God, enriched in prayer and the sacraments. With those graces, the other classes will be encountered successfully by your child. Planning for success will minimize the possibilities for failure. Be prepared with what you can. Stay alert for the changes that will come. Address them knowing God is with you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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