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When we hear the word charity, I think our first thoughts are of money and financial donations. We give to the church. We give to the poor. We give to those in need. But the word charity implies so much more.

Charity is a way of life. We have all been given talents and skills. They can easily become a form of charity. I like to think of our musicians and song leaders who give of their talent every weekend at mass. Their charity is given through their talent. Our lectors give of themselves as they practice making the Word of God alive. As they read, they impart of themselves and share their thoughts and feelings of the Gospel through the inflection and emphasis of words. Parents give of themselves as they teach their children what to do during mass, the gestures, praying positions, making the sign of the cross, all these are sacrifices of the parents. Altar servers are an obvious sign of charity. They maintain a reverential position of prayer while serving the priest. All these acts of charity are much appreciated.

Can we not say the same thing about our families and our home life? Families live together and it is much easier to get along when we all help and do our part. We call it liturgy in church, I am beginning to think there is a liturgy to family life, too. The first reading, Paul says he continues to pray for those who have received the Word of God. We must do the same for our families. And pray for the virtue of charity. Charity is virtue where we can honestly say if you do not use it you will lose it. Charity must be practiced all the time. As you use it you discover more ways to open your heart to the needs of others.

Stop using charity, and it dries up.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen