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But, That’s Not Fair

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But, That’s Not Fair

We all seem to have a built scale, something like a balance scale. And as we receive things in life we place them on our scale. Now, as on a balance scale, we need something on the other side to tell us what is its worth. We do this because we want to establish some sort of value to place on what we have received. The classic example: you wake up one night, smell smoke and know your house is on fire. You have only seconds to leave before it is engulfed with flames. What or who do you grab to take with you as you flee the burning house? We have a built-in value system. Your spouse and children should be of utmost value in your life. There is nothing you can place on your scale to make it balance compared to loved ones in your life.

Where we go wrong is when we use our scale to determine if what we have is equal to what other people have. This all starts when we are children. After a great meal, carefully prepared and made special for the family, it is time for dessert. Ice cream is dished up and presented to the family and everyone invited to take a bowl. Then the cry comes, but he got more than me! That’s not fair! That built in scale begins to weigh what we have compared to others. This is what happens in the gospel today. Those who came to work first thought that they should get more than those who came last. Their scale was bending over under the strain of what they thought was fair.

In the kingdom of heaven, God wants all people to be with Him. Even those who are great sinners and dare I say, members of your family that you cannot stand to be with? Careful, your scale may be tipping at this moment. Let us look at it this way. God knows what is fair for each person. If God chooses to forgive someone their great sins should we not do the same?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen