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We forget how we learned to speak. It is said men use about three thousand words a day and women use over ten thousand words in a single day. But no matter how many words you use in a day you had to learn how to pronounce them. You need to learn the difference between the sounds of letters. Knowing this it makes the miracle of Jesus giving the mute man the power to speak even more wondrous. The mute man has never used his tongue or lips to form words and now he is speaking clearly. That is just as amazing as speaking for the first time.

And this knowledge drives the wedge between Jesus and the religious leaders. Notice how they accuse him of healing the mute man through the power of Satan. Ridiculous! Why would Satan want to heal anyone for anything? Notice how Jesus responded to the religious leaders. He did not defend Himself or offer an explanation. Jesus became ‘mute’. Why should He defend Himself? He did something good. And instead of wasting time talking to the religious leaders He moves on to others who are praying for miracles and healings. Would that work for you? When people falsely accuse you or persecute you, why not go ‘mute’ and move on to others who need your help.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen