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Remember Sparklers?

Fourth of July Celebration

Do remember sparklers? I wonder if that isn’t our first introduction to Fourth of July fireworks. They were so amazing. And every once in a while a spark would land on you and it would burn quickly. It would hurt a little bit that was part of the excitement. You were playing with fire. And it was awesome. Today’s fireworks have come a long way. They are even choreographed to music. With our sparklers I guess we did our own style of dancing.

When you read the Old Testament many people miss the fact that the Israelites knew how to have a party. There were a number of celebrations throughout the year. And it wasn’t a one day affair. It was many days of celebrating. Even for a wedding you would celebrate eight days. No wonder they would run out of wine.

We haven’t had much to celebrate this year. We missed out on Easter. Pentecost came and went. Even Memorial Day was so quiet. Speaking of quiet, this must be one of the quietest Fourth of July’s ever. I have not heard many fireworks. I was actually thankful for the display last night.

May I encourage you, today, with the family you have around you, to find a new way to celebrate. A celebration begins because there is something we should remember and acknowledge that what has made us who we are today. We celebrate our freedoms. We celebrate our religion. We celebrate our history. Not that we did everything perfectly or that we have attained perfection, but that we are on this journey together.

So do some celebrating today. Think of something to do with your family. Be festive and have fun with it.

Be safe; stay healthy; and may God bless you in the name of the father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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