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How would you react?

Let’s begin by trying to put this into today’s culture. For example, what Jeremiah just did would be considered by many to be just absolutely crazy. Everything seems to be going well in Jerusalem. They are apparently living quite well. But Jeremiah is prophesying a total destruction of Jerusalem coming within the next couple of months. How can that be? People are going to church. They are worshipping God. They are singing their hymns. I mean everything looks great. But that is the problem. It looks great. Their hearts are not in their worship.

If today someone were to stand up at the end of church and proclaim that in thirty days Rice Lake will be totally destroyed and that our church would be demolished, how would you respond? The people of Jeremiah’s day responded with anger. There was great fear. They were ready to kill the messenger. His friends and family turned against him, too. Would not we respond in the same way? Maybe call the police and have the crazy person arrested. I am also sure that there were people who believed what Jeremiah was foretelling. Would we suddenly be immersed in riots between the two sides? If you think not, then you haven’t been watching much of the news lately.

But we are Catholic. Turning to hostility, allowing anger to rule, or mob mentality determine what is right is not the moral thinking we are taught to do by God. Yes, there will always be individuals reacting without thinking. Striking without considering the consequences. But the thoughtful moral thinking of our Catholic community must help guide and direct our actions. We have years of history to help us in this discernment. Even Jesus was treated with disrespect. And He did die for us. Do not grow anxious or fearful. The Holy Spirit will guide us as we need Him. What if God calls upon you to publicly announce His Word?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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