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Feast of St Thomas

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Feast of St Thomas

St Thomas is probably the most like us in thinking and understanding. We have doubts and suspicions and we want things proven to us. The Catholic Company offered this explanation today:

“St. Thomas the Apostle (1st c.) was one of the twelve disciples who accompanied Jesus during His earthly ministry. He is remembered for his disbelief in the news of Christ’s Resurrection until he physically saw and touched Jesus’ wounds—thus earning him the name “Doubting Thomas.” After Pentecost he traveled and preached throughout Persia and southeast Asia.

Early traditions ascribe his main work and martyrdom to India, so that he is also called the “Apostle of India.” He converted many to Christ, worked miracles, and established the Church in the East. One tradition holds that on his way to India he met and baptized the Three Wise Men of the Nativity who first venerated Jesus at Bethlehem. St. Thomas is also remembered for being a skilled carpenter, and according to Indian tradition he built the first churches in India with his own hands. St. Thomas the Apostle is the patron of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, architects, builders, masons, surveyors, theologians, against blindness, and of people in doubt. His feast day is July 3rd.”

There are many traditions not listed above. It is good to do some research on the saints of the church. Most people could probably name 10 or 12 well known saints. The Church has thousands of canonized saints. Many more men and women who now have the designation ‘blessed’ and are on the way to canonization. You took a saint name at the time of confirmation. Have you invoked their intercessory prayers for you?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen