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Parts Left Over?

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Parts Left Over?

We do not have get the chance to read these verses of Exodus very often. They only come up on weekdays, not weekends. So, I was thinking, as I read through all the instructions Moses had to follow, as given to Him by God, did he have any parts left over? Or as it happens to me, I sometimes get the right part mixed up with the left. And I do not figure that out until it is almost complete. Then I must disassemble and rebuild.

Moses would not have had written instructions so it would have been more complicated for him. I have learned over the years to read the instructions first and then assemble rather than guess. I still end up with left over parts having no idea what I missed. Trying to envision what this tent might have looked like; I have no idea. What is important was that God accepted it and came and dwelt there.

God has asked us to be good stewards of His creation and to help with this creating spirit. Each of us is a creation built by God with our input. Maybe we have gotten our left and right mixed up. Maybe we have left some parts behind. What is most important for you, and I is that God has come to dwell within us. Of course, God has left us instructions. You did not know that. He did. It is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Take the first letter of each word and you get BIBLE.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen