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Pearls are very fascinating and how they are made just as interesting. And through the centuries we have learned how to ‘encourage’ oysters to make pearls. This does not take away from their beauty or devalue them.

In reading this parable, it made me think of other things that are of great value. Using words ‘of great value’ the first thing that comes to mind is how precious life is. Truly life is a gift from God, a pearl in itself. That means God has perhaps hidden other pearls within in each person. Have you explored your heart and mind to find the fingerprints of God leaving special pearls for you to find? Your pearls may be talents God has given you. Perhaps you are a person with compassion. Empathy might be your pearl of great price. Maybe it is a love for social justice. I would even consider each child a pearl of great wealth. Take care of them gently with great love. What else might be a pearl?

Again, look for the fingerprints of God. Has He touched your heart? Directed your life? Guided you with the Holy Spirit? In all these touches God leaves you His fingerprints to find the pearls He has left in you.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen