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The Grandparents of Jesus

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The Grandparents of Jesus

Today is a Memorial for the Joachim and Anne, traditionally thought of as the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. True, they are not mentioned in the Bible. But our Church is rich in Tradition and tradition. Some Traditions come from centuries of sharing the stories handed down. Some traditions are a little more nebulous and more difficult to understand. St. Anne has the stronger tradition, dating back to the first century. Joachim dates to about the seventh century.

At St. Joseph church, the stained-glass window next to the Blessed Virgin Mary window is a replica of St. Anne holding Mary. Mary appears to be about three years old in this stained-glass window. St. Anne is pointing to heaven with one hand, indicating to her child that Mary has been consecrated to God in a special way. Mary, with hands folded, appears absorbed in prayer.

One tradition has it that when Mary was born, she was carried everywhere until she was three. It was then she came to live in the temple and taught the faith. There are many more stories about Joachim and Anne. I caution the reader to read them with prudence. The stories that developed over the Middle Ages probably came about because of the suffering of the people at that time. The traditions shared within the first two centuries sound more plausible. Never-the-less, it is interesting to consider the grandparents of Jesus, what they must have been like. Remember your grandparents in a special way today.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen