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Heartfelt Gratitude

I would personally like to thank Lynn (Potinger) Sigler and Bridget Roth as they prepare to move forward in their careers. Lynn was our Director of Religious Education. She helped us modernize our program and bring us in the technological era for our programs and in keeping people informed. She was instrumental in assisting in bringing in many of our larger cluster programs.

Bridget was our Youth Coordinator. She developed programs for our youth groups. She was involved with student Bible studies. She was an integral part in diocesan programs with Totus Tuus, Extreme Faith Camp, and other activities for our young people.

It has been a pleasure having these two talented people working on our staff. I appreciate all of their contributions to our program. They have helped lay the foundation for the future or our Religious Education programs. Thank you.

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Your Sins Are Forgiven

In today’s culture, parents care infinitely about our children. We recognize the temptations our children face every day, temptations we would never have known when we were their age. We ask all the time, “What can we do?” “How can I protect my child from these terrible things?”. And then, when our children grow up, many leave the church. We’re not sure if they remember God. And it is that moment when feelings of guilt settle in our minds and souls. We ask ourselves, “Have I failed my children?”. Or we might think, “I’m a terrible parent. ” And to all this, as a priest and father, I would tell you — IT IS NOT TRUE. Stop blaming yourself. You didn’t do a terrible job. You didn’t do a bad job teaching.

The first thing to remember: you did the best you could with what you had. Could you have done better? Maybe, but it’s not likely. Look how you raised your kids. You taught them faith the best you could. Could you have had a stronger faith? Maybe, but remember that you were working, maybe long hours to provide a life for your family. Did everything go perfectly? No, because we’re not perfect people. Stop blaming yourself.

Second thing to remember: There is one way to repair any damage done before. One word: prayer. I love this Gospel because Jesus heals the cripple not by the faith of the cripple, but by the faith of his friends. It was his friends who believed in Jesus. His friends knew that Jesus could heal the cripple. It works that way for you too. Your prayers can heal many mistakes of the past. Your prayers can heal many pains that come from the past. Your prayers can lead someone to Jesus to heal them. What could be better than that?

Third thing to remember: When your prayers bring healing to someone else, and I can guarantee that they will, do not abandon your friends. Be there for them. Help them continue to grow in their faith. They in turn will also help them grow in faith. We’re a community. A group of people who should help each other. We are united in prayer. We take the path together to eternal life. My prayer from you is as follows: Turn to God and ask for His healing. Through the graces you receive, turn to others and help them.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Fr Ed Anderson
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Fr Ed Anderson