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Signs are important in our lives, especially as we get older. I notice on road trips I pay particular attention to signs that indicate how far to the next Rest Area. My mother is strong in her prayer life. She has shared with me that when she was asking God for something she would ask God for a sign that her request be heard and answered. Not just any sign, but a specific sign. She would ask for a rose no matter what the season. She has received many roses.

After a funeral, the surviving spouse will often ask, “Will I know he/she is in heaven?” They realize we will all need to spend some time in purgatory. But it would be a comfort to know if your spouse did enter heaven. There is no real way to know when the transition happens, but we should not lose heart. As in anything, if we take it to prayer, God answers our prayers in such a way that it is for our best interests.

If you ask God for a sign that your spouse has entered heaven, and He knows that this is in your best interest, He will allow you discern that your spouse has transitioned to heaven. He will give you some sign. From what I have told, many people pray for this request, and many have requests have been answered. The type of sign has varied greatly. There is no one single response, but it will be a response only you will know, and it will be personal.

If you are given a sign, realize that this is a special grace from God. It is a grace given that through you spiritual gifts will blossom and be shared with others. Your faith will continue to grow. If you do not receive a sign, then recognize that God has other plans for you and pray for enlightenment. God is preparing you for something special yet to come.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen