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Holy Curiosity

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Holy Curiosity

If you saw a bush burning you would be curious, too. You would carefully creep closer. Imagine what your thoughts might be when you discover that the bush appears on fire, but it is not consumed. Amazing! Again, would you not be curious. Then the voice, remove your shoes for you are standing on holy ground.

This is the way God got the attention of Moses. How did God get your attention? If you are reading this today, I would suggest God is arousing your holy curiosity. You may have a desire to learn more about God. Maybe you are curious about developing a relationship with Jesus.

Here is another take on curiosity: there were several people who went through religious education with you. Where are they? I do not mean geographically but spiritually. Did some not get confirmed? Reach out to them. Have not seen them in church for a while? Give them a call and invite them to Picnic & Praise. Oh, they might turn you down but are not you the least bit curious to see if they will say yes? Before you call you might be standing on holy ground. Better take off your shoes.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen