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Sometimes when we read the Old Testament we need to slow down and think things through a little. First, the king of Jerusalem is listed as Ahaz. Ahaz was king from 735 – 720 bc. With old names we get mixed up. In this case you might remember Ahab. He was king around 835 bc, a hundred years earlier. What we learn from both is that if we trust in the Lord, we need not be afraid.

It is hard not to be afraid. With the virus and riots happening today maybe we are not afraid, but we are concerned. And we have a tendency then to overreact rather than thinking logically. For example, when my children were growing up, we had an early childhood experience of monsters. I do not think I ever worried about monsters under my bed, but by the time I had children there were several movies out that talked about all kinds of monsters. Bedtime was a time of reassurance. Praying to calm down. Looking under the bed several times. Having extra night lights and flashlights. Then one day I decided to fix the problem. I tipped the beds up on their sides and cut off the legs. Now there was no more “under” the bed issue because there was no more “under”.

We all need to face our fears. It is when we let our emotions take over that we become afraid. The kings in the Old Testament always succumbed to their fears. They just could not quite turn everything over to God. When the kings did it their way they failed. When they listened to God, God protected them.

The gospel says Jesus did mighty deeds in the towns He visited. Why is it that the people did not believe? They were afraid. Rather than trying to understand Jesus in their midst they decided not to believe because they did not understand. As the events of your life happen today, seek to understand, not to be afraid.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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