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Many people do not know much about Amos, the prophet. Amos was chosen by God seven hundred fifty years before Jesus. He lived near Bethlehem, but God told him to go to Bethel. Israel was in a period of peace and certain people were growing rich while the poor suffered immensely. Amos told the priest Amaziah and the king that they were sinning in the eyes of God. If they did not stop, they would be destroyed. Amaziah would not listen and claimed Amos was a false prophet. Amos said he grew sycamore trees and herded cattle and had never been a prophet but was told by God to warn the king. A sycamore tree is like a fig tree, but the fruit is not as sweet. The wood of a sycamore tree is good for making coffins. Unfortunately, Amaziah does not listen, and he and the king are killed. Amos was given a mission by God, an important mission. Even today, God gives each person a mission. Do we respond?

The Gospel message is Jesus gave the Twelve a mission. It is important that they be able to move quickly so they are told not to take anything with them, only sandals and a walking stick. They are to preach repentance, heal the sick, and drive out demons. The missionaries are to realize that God is choosing to work through them. Therefore, they must have total dependence upon God and not be distracted by material things. Jesus taught them what to say and what to do. Jesus also taught them how to be enthusiastic about their mission. They were going out to save souls and reconcile them to God. This is important work.

In the second reading we are told we are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit to have the courage and the strength to accept this mission and with great excitement take the message of Jesus to all people. The Church has labeled all baptized people as missionaries. And it is not so much preaching or what we do but it is in sharing the joyful times of our lives. For example, the birth of a new baby, a couple getting married, graduating from school, and many more. All of these are moments of joy, and each is a blessing from God. As missionaries we need only share these moments with each other and celebrate the blessings God gives us. We are not called to be professional preachers but authentic and sincere people who believe in God. That is our mission.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen