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St Joseph RSVP Cards

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Too often we think of the grudges we hold against others. Someone treated us badly or unfairly and we are upset and want to find a way to get even. Joseph’s brothers think that Joseph may be holding a grudge against them for selling him into slavery. Now that their father, Jacob, has died, they fear he will exact vengeance upon them. How much fear and stress they must have endured? Even though Joseph had forgiven them earlier, he must now convince them again that he harbors no even toward them. If you have never experienced the power of forgiveness, it is hard to believe someone would forgive you, but they will. And do.

July 31 is our Picnic & Praise celebration. It will be at Our Lady of Lourdes. They have a huge open green space exactly right for everyone to spread out and have a picnic, visit with friends, and enjoy some great music Aly Aleigha. We are providing a nice picnic box lunch and beverages. There will be games and many other activities. The best part is to connect with old friends and make new acquaintances. This is for our entire cluster so do not hesitate to invite others to join you. Mass will be offered at 4:00 PM outdoors. I promise, no rain. We will have extra tents set up for shade. So, bring a blanket or lawn chairs. All we need from you is to RSVP. Here are the tickets that will be available this weekend. Just register and drop in the collection basket. Or scan the code on the card and register online. Or go online and register there. All we need is name and number of guests to plan for the food. Here is a picture of the registration cards:

This is going to be so much fun! Come for mass, come for the picnic, or come for the music. You will not be disappointed. See you all there.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

St Joseph RSVP Cards