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A Chilling Trust

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A Chilling Trust

As a Catholic, knowing the horrors of abortion, reading a story of human child sacrifice maybe is not as horrific because we realize the millions of children lost. We have desensitized ourselves to the point where if an abortion fails and the child survives it can be abandoned until it dies. Some would suggest that this would never happen. If that were true, why do we have to write laws to prevent it from happening? And then why do these proposed laws never get approved?

Many saints have come to realize that sometimes we just have to have a chilling trust in God. That there is nothing we can say or do. It is so far out of our hands that no matter how evil it may be we must trust that God is in control. No, we cannot say we could do better. Nor can we say God is making a mistake. Rather we need to take up the teaching of Abraham and say, “God will provide.” Our human understanding cannot understand the wisdom or power of God. We cannot control the events of the world. When we are in that dark place with nowhere to turn our only recourse is to approach God. Trusting in God means knowing He will provide.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen