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Have you been to our website lately? If not, we got some great stuff going. For example, we have a movie premier happening right now!! It is called “Introduction to the Liturgy”. It tells you what is happening in the mass, why it is happening, and why it is important. You will learn to be a better participant and find ways to get more out of mass. Give it a try. You will find it remarkably interesting and informative. It is easy to listen to and not burdensome but keeps your interest throughout the whole program. Enjoy.

Here is link to our readings for the day:

I Get So Angry At ____________

Ever use that phrase? There are so many ways to fill in that blank. It might be family, or politicians, or people you work with, or the church, or ???? Today’s reading asks the question why? Why do you get so angry? Anger is an emotion that we need to learn to control. Think about the last time you got angry at someone. Did it help? Did it make you feel better? And this might be a little painful, but often when we get angry at someone it is because we have the same issue that we struggle with, too. If we chastise someone else, it gives us a feeling of superiority. I may not be perfect but I am better than they are. We judge others to a higher standard than what we hold ourselves accountable.

“Stop judging that you may not be judged.” When we judge we think we have all the details, that we understand all the facts. Most of the time we judge based only on my perspective which does not have much information at all. God knows all the details. I think we really need to stop and try to see others the way God sees us. He is so loving that he respects our free will. He has made known to us that how we judge others is how He will judge us. I would think that would make all of us slow down and ask ourselves, “Do I really want God to judge me like I just judged this person?”

May the Lord bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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