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Yes, we are still practicing social distancing and sanitizing. Bishop continues to grant dispensation from the Sunday obligation of attending mass for anyone who has any concerns or issues regarding their health. We do not want anyone taking any unnecessary actions or putting themselves in harms way. You can watch us live streaming on Facebook or on the recording on our website: Learn the Spiritual Communion prayer. It is good to recite this prayer everyday.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. There have been many men in our lives who have given us wonderful examples of fatherly love and advice. Remember them kindly today. Maybe offer a Hail Mary for them.

Here is link to our readings for the day:

Be Not Afraid

It seems as if we live in a world full of fear. We have pandemics, riots, anger and accusations everywhere. Even people with courageous and determined hearts are nervous and wondering about the future. St. Paul recognized fear in the world. In his letter to the Romans he indicated that after Adam’s sin there was only hard work and death, even for good people. Nothing else. Until Moses, when God gave us the law. This law gives us a ray of hope, but still, at the end of life, there was only death. Then Jesus comes into the world and not only gives us the gift of eternal life through God’s grace, but we can live in that grace here on earth as sons and daughters of God. The Old Testament predicts this, let’s look a little deeper.

Jeremiah was young when he became a prophet. Jeremiah was known to belong to the priestly family of Levi. He would have been educated and trained to be a priest. But now in this reading we hear that even his friends have turned against him. The people he once trusted he can’t trust anymore. They’re planning to kill him. But notice, even when Jeremiah fears for his life, he suddenly turns to God to give God praise and gratitude. If we were threatened, would we turn to God? Jeremiah realizes that even in the worst moments he can turn to God.

Jesus says, “Fear no one.” How can we do this? Like St. Paul and Jeremiah, it is knowing that there is more to living and dying. That there is life after death. They promised us something else. So, with that in mind, all of us will bring Jesus’ message into the world. We have been promised something more. So, with that in mind, all of us must bring Jesus’ message into the world. Make no mistake, it’s risky to evangelize. We can no longer think that it is only the work of Father to evangelize. Through baptism, we are all commissioned to evangelize. How does this work?

When Jesus called the disciples, they responded. He said they’d become fishers of men. They were not educated, they did not know what they would do or how to do it, but something within them said that they could turn to Jesus and trust him. The passion in Jesus must have been obvious and attractive to them. When you admire someone, you look at what they do and then you try to emulate them. What Jesus has is a burning to desire to bring souls to God. As the disciples spent time with Jesus, they began to emulate Him. They also wanted to bring souls to God. Jesus’ passion has become their passion. They were anxious and excited to bring the Word of God to all people.

The heart of the disciples became one with the heart of Jesus. His way of life became their way of life. They shared a life of great love. They also shared a life of great suffering and pain. They were maligned and persecuted. Treated badly and beaten. Theirs wasn’t an easy cross. But as they followed Jesus, they recognized how he handled pain and suffering. Jesus accepted His cross. He offered Himself to God as a sacrifice. Jesus wasn’t afraid. Jesus knew that God was with him. The body may die, but the spirit lives on with God. When we see the love of the Father and the Son, we know that we are loved. Even though our bodies die, our souls will live with the Father. And on the day of the Resurrection, we will be given a glorified body like Jesus. We now live in that eternal life with God. We can turn to God in our worst moments knowing he will be there. We turn to God at the best of times to offer thanks and praise, knowing that we are much loved.

May the Lord bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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