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What treasures have you stored for yourself? And are they treasures you can take to heaven? Look at what is surrounding you as you are reading this today. Any of it going to heaven with you?

If not, how do you plan to part with it? Many people start downsizing at different points in their life. I say start because downsizing is like stopping an addiction. You can start many times before you can quit. I know people who have been downsizing for years and have not removed one possession from the premises. Everything looks just like when they started. I remind them if do not make the decision to remove items someone will when you are gone. A treasure to you might be a piece of junk to them.

Perhaps more important than the material things of life are to consider the memories you carry with you. If we consider your memories treasures, then the same questions would apply. Are your memories going to heaven with you? Not if they are filled with grudges, or judgments, or hatred towards someone else. With memories like that you will not get into heaven.

I am not always exactly sure how purgatory works, but I would imagine we may spend a long time in purgatory getting rid of those thoughts and memories. Know what, maybe it is time to downsize some those negative memories now. Get rid of them, discard them, stop thinking about them. Make restitution now. Ask for forgiveness. Grant forgiveness. Be generous in granting mercy. Downsize now so that you do not have to do it later.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen