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Thoughtful & Moderate

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Thoughtful & Moderate

St Paul gives quite a list of trials and challenges he faced in his life. And testifies that he lived through each one, in some cases, literally survived. But we never hear of him complaining. There was a ‘thorn’ in his side that three times he asked the Lord to take from him, but that never happened.

What did St. Paul do? He accepted God’s decisions. We must step and back and offer some admiration for all that St. Paul did. And we hardly hear of any complaint or protest. Rather we hear of how St. Paul loves God and continues to focus on the will of God. To make God’s will his own.

St. Paul realizes everything comes from God. Certainly, the good and as for the bad God allows that happen to test us or to strengthen our resolve to love God and obey God’s will. It is up to us then how we respond. In times of frustration are we challenging God? That would be rather pointless.

When someone is angry with us do we snap back? Argue? Are there times where we just do not care or are indifferent? Just like St. Paul, we need to take the time to think as to how we will respond. Being thoughtful is a virtue. It means being focused on God and then asking the question what does God want of me? Or if someone is angry at me, what is it that this person really wants? Or am I being selfish and allowing pride to run my life?

After some careful thought, then act in moderation. Respond with the kindness and gentleness you would want to receive. Respond with the forgiveness and mercy God grants to you every day.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen