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As I Have Loved You

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As I Have Loved You

All the readings today reflect on love, but in a specific way. The way is how Jesus loves each of us. His love is so great for each of us that He is willing to die for each of us. How can we possibly love one another in the same way Jesus loves us?

I believe God has given a model to follow. The ultimate love is the love between the Father and the Son from which proceeds the Holy Spirit. But we are not God. Still, we can follow the example. It is an example of familial love. A husband and a wife. When God created the world, He recognized that nothing in His creation was a suitable partner for Adam. Man was not created to live alone. God created man because He loved man and desired man to love Him. But man would need more. Man is made to live in community. Man is to have a partner to share the love of God for man. Thus, God created woman.  Man and woman were originally made for eternity because God did not create death. It is through man’s sin that death and sin entered God’s creation. The question now is with sin in the world can man still love God? And can man and woman share a common bond of love in God? A husband and wife become one in the same way the Father and the Son are one.

When a man and a woman first meet, they explore what is common to both. At some point they need to determine if there are issues that they cannot agree upon. Do the disagreements cause division? If so, the relationship may not develop. Or the disagreements may be discussed, and an appropriate compromise established. In this way the relationship continues.

A relationship needs continued attention. This is difficult with both husband and wife working. For eight hours a day you are separated. At work do you become a different person? At home do you act differently than at work? We have laws that say you cannot talk about religion at work. Do you make your own rules in your family to not talk about religion at home? Our faith is an important part of who we are. Whether at work or at home how we act and the things we say should reflect our faith. We do not need to gossip about other people. We do not need to lie or embellish who we are. We do not need to embarrass or treat others in hurtful ways. When we let our faith shine through, we are in union with Christ just as He is one with His Church.

In the same way, our work life, and our home life are what we are. Many people try to separate work from home. How can you do that? You cannot divide yourself into two people. Whether you are at work or at home you are the same person. What happens at work you will bring home. And what happens at home you will bring to your workplace. When you are at home you need to share the successes and failures of work. At work you share the joys of your children graduating, getting married, and other issues of your home life. You do not share everything; you do not have to. But whether at work or at home you are the same person. Some people say you can not bring work home with you. True, do not work at home. But you do need to share what makes up your day. Also, you must be sensitive to your spouse. Whether your spouse works or is at home during the day, they need to share the success and troubles of the day. A husband and wife need to sit down together and develop this part of their relationship.

Just like at Church, we come together to share our joys and failures with God. He is here to listen, to help, and to bless us with His grace to continue. Just like a husband and wife grow into a loving family relationship, so do we grow into that same kind of relationship with God. This is how we remain in Him as He remains in us.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen