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Tested Faith

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Tested Faith

I remember a friend who was lukewarm in their faith. She accepted the teaching that there is a God. She accepted that Jesus died on the cross for us. And maybe not with much understanding accepted the Holy Spirit.

Then one day some of her friends convinced her to go on a three-day retreat. It was a remarkable experience for her. She was on fire for the Lord. She became active in her church, volunteering for many things. She even was a missionary for one year working with young people. Then something happened. She stopped believing. When I would ask what happened she would vaguely talk about being mistreated by her Christian friends.

I see people in the readings amazed at what Paul and others are doing. But they still believe in their pagan god. And when taught by Paul that this is through Jesus that these miracles take place, they still cannot put their in Jesus.

The teaching today is to ask yourself what you believe. Is there anything that can shake your faith? Has your faith been put to the test?  We have a preconceived idea as to how Christians are to act. When they don’t or when they mistreat you, do you lose your faith or turn to God in faith? Jesus said to pray that we might not be out to the test.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen