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Friends of Christ

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Friends of Christ

The Council of Jerusalem was taking place. Everyone wanted to do what was right but just was not sure what ‘right’ is. Coming back to the principle that Jesus died for the salvation of all people is the best starting point. Remembering we are friends of Jesus Christ through His selfless action will always give us direction. The Spirit guided the council in welcoming all people into the Church.

This makes the commandment to love one another as I love you the focal point of our lives. The key point of this phrase is not the loving of neighbor as there are many ways to love our neighbor as we might think appropriate. No, the key phrase is how [Jesus] loves you. We are to love one another as Jesus loves each of us. In this way we must always realize it is complete love of the other. There are no restrictions to loving the other. There are no qualifications on loving the other. It is a complete and selfless love for the other.

An example of this is when we come to Mass on Sunday. We do not come to Mass because it is a requirement. We do not come to Mass because of the singing, the liturgy, or some form of Mass. We do come to Mass to love others as Jesus has loved them. We do not judge, condemn, or criticize but offer mercy, love, and peace. Are there people who are coming to Mass because they know you will be there?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen